What is the Main Cause of Depression: A REALIZATION?

What is the Main Cause of Depression: A REALIZATION?

Depression is a kind of feeling that resulted from too much loneliness and self-pity. However, this is not the main cause of depression, there are many factors to enumerate that may lead to the kind of disorder. These factors vary according to age, gender, and many others.

What is the Main Cause of Depression?

There is no one single thing what is the main cause of depression, but below is the list you may find worth reading.

1. Genetics.

It can be that the disease runs in the blood. Though there is no scientific explanation regarding the occurrence of this disease in connection to genetics; however, many psychiatrists believe that the past of the family can be a main cause of depression. The sad story is that it may happen suddenly without any reason at all.

2. Sorrow or Grief.

What is the main cause of depression another can be the result from the lost of someone dear. It can be due to the lost of a pet that the person took care for a long period of time. It can be due to the lost of a loved one such as father, mother, brother, sister or any member of the family. It can be caused by the separation of two people who has been a couple for sometimes.

Usually the lost of someone special and dear is painful. If the person is not emotionally strong enough to face this lost it may lead to depression. If the person has no one to cry on during this lost, it may also lead to depression.

3. Critical Ailments and Certain Treatment.

Certain drugs can be one main cause of depression such as Accutane (treatment for acne), some oral contraceptives, some medicines for high blood pressure and statins (treatment for high cholesterol). These drugs usually modify chemicals in the brain which affects the person’s emotion that eventually leads to feeling sad, discouraged or lonely.

What is the Main Cause of Depression

What is the Main Cause of Depression

Usually people suffering from serious illnesses such as cancer (in any form), HIV or AIDS and many others feel depress.

4. Separation.

This may mean moving on such as separation from your friends due to year end break, graduation or simply moving into another place for personal reasons can be another main cause of depression. Sometimes these things affect the kids and teenagers and older members of the family; however less likely for middle aged members of the society.

5. Abuse.

This may range from physical, sexual, psychological and emotional abuse. Drug abuse or substance abuse may also fall under this category. These forms of abuses can be another main cause of depression.

What is the Main Cause of Depression People Deal with

There is always an answer to every problem; this is one of the positive ways to deal with depression. Specifically, the list may help people deal with the main cause of depression.

1. Find a doctor that can diagnose accurately the main cause of depression. If the cause is genetics that just occur anytime quiet difficult to deal with but doctors know best.

2. If the cause is drug-related, then monitor what kind of medication and avoid its use.

3. If the reason is abuse, then avoid from the people that do it. Be a positive person that thinks of himself over the other. In the case of depression, the person must have a good self-esteem to be able to fight physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

4. If the reasons are grief and separation, then the person must be introduced to a new set of happy, good and sociable people. The person can be kept busy to be able to move on.

Usually depression happens because you feel all alone amidst a group of people. Most of the time, a serious form of this disorder needs medical care in a medical institution but less severe cases can be treated at home with the presence of supportive members of the family as well as friends. Whatever form of treatment can be effective, what is the main cause of depression that is detected early.