What is teenage Depression

The Things You Have to Know!

What is teenage Depression is just a question but the answers are helpful.

Parents and teachers should be aware to be effective in guiding them. What is teenage depression is not as simple as unpredictable moods and qualms. It is a critical condition that must be paid attention to.

Teenage stage is a transition phase of one’s life. What they feel about themselves and others matter the most to them. As parents and teachers we should understand the impact we can create in their lives at this stage.

What is Teenage Depression: Common misconceptions?

People usually misinterpret what is teenage depression act these days. The adult members of the society usually judge these people without knowing the reasons why they behave the way they are. Let us try to dissect the following misconceptions and see what we can do to improve.

1. Basically, the entire society is totally different now from the society in the past. Teenagers now are faced with technology revolution along with fast-pacing transformation in the socio-cultural practices of people. These facts affect the behavior of the teenagers because they have to belong to their peers and not to their parents’ friends and peers.

2. Family should be the foundation of a good society. This is not the case for all teenagers. In the studies and researches conducted most family now are facing difficulties financially and emotionally. The stressful society is pressing hard on families that eventually affect teenagers. Some are blaming themselves for the misfortune of their families because these were inculcated in them by parents.

What is Teenage Depression facts

What is Teenage Depression

Only few teenagers are lucky to have a complete and happy family to run to for problems and confusions surrounding them. Having these facts at hand, judging teenagers can cause moral degradation that might affect their ego thus depressive behaviors are observed for what is teenage depression.

What is Teenage Depression: Parents and Teachers’ Role?

Parents and teachers are adult members of the society where teenagers can trust for guidance, counseling, care and attention. Due to a lot of stressors in the society now, only few parents and teachers can function effectively. The old saying “you cannot give what you don’t have” holds true in this case. How can parents and teachers be effective if they themselves are depressed by a number of things they see, feel, hear and know.

This article can be your starting point. There are a lot of things to discuss that relates to what is teenage depression.