What is bipolar depression symptoms

What is bipolar depression symptoms

Bipolar disorder or rather manic depression is a medical condition whose symptoms are very common at the age of late teen or in early twenties, thus a need to know what is bipolar depression symptoms. Usually, before the diagnosis of this disorder symptoms are made, it may take time. The main components of the behavior for the individuals with this condition are depression and mania. The following are the symptoms associated with this disorder.

What is bipolar depression symptoms Euphoria:

This is a very common symptom in mania phase where one shows extremely raised moods. The person with this condition may feel unusually happy or “high. During this phase, some become abnormally more outgoing. On the other hand, others experience a reverse case of the “high” version and instead become agitated or irritated.

What is bipolar depression symptoms Exaggerated Self-Esteem:

During the manic stage, one may become extremely optimistic which according to them is not a bad thing. The National Institutes of Health reports that, the “extreme” part may consist of exaggerated ideas of their abilities and what is called “delusions of grandeur.” They make a lot of unattainable future plans.

What is bipolar depression symptoms Risky Behavior:

Reckless behavior is also one of the common bipolar depression symptoms. In some cases, one sleeps less and has a lot of exaggerated ideas on the social norms and values. Mayo clinic reports that, these ideas may involve overspending, getting involved in sexual behavior’s which are risky and overindulgence in alcohol and food.What is bipolar depression symptoms

What is bipolar depression symptoms Suicidal Thinking:

This is a very dangerous symptom. The National Institute of Mental Health reports that, a person suffering from this condition may have death thoughts. In this case, may talk about suicide and even attempt to commit suicide. These individuals have higher risks of committing suicide in comparison with average person and this risk is increased by use of drugs or alcohol.

What is bipolar depression symptoms Loss of Concern in Activities:

Most people suffering from this medical condition may lose interest in daily activities. The National Institute of Mental Health in efforts to explain what is bipolar depression symptoms says that, some people may not feel compelled to take their meals, may lack interest in sex and even may excessively sleep. One may cut off interaction with friends and family members and in such cases, the performance of work and school may suffer greatly about what is bipolar depression symptoms.