What Causes Teenage Depression: Facts and Fiction

What Causes Teenage Depression: Facts and Fiction

What causes teenage depression is a very timely question to re-evaluate and re-assess the family’s core value system. Teenage depression is mostly caused by family dysfunction that resulted to a lot of indifferent behaviors exhibited in public places. Dysfunctional family does not only mean separation of parents and siblings. It also includes the continuous exposure of children to abusive behaviors at home between parents and other members of the family.

What Causes Teenage Depression: Factual Accounts

There is no single and main what causes teenage depression. Commonly, teenagers deal with a lot of hormonal and physical changes in their bodies because of the onset of puberty and the maturation process as well. This stage varies from one teenager to another thus what causes teenage depression.

What is difficult about real teen depression is the fact that their unusual behavior is simply normal at their age. However, continuous exposition of disruptive indifferences to many things can be a sign of depression. Sleeping and eating too much can be a signal for emotional disorder.

The causes of teenage depression can vary from hormonal changes to family dysfunctional encounters. What are observable when teenagers are depressed are their passion for death and any suicidal attempts or the other way around which is fear of dying.

What Causes Teenage Depression: Fictional TruthWhat Causes Teenage Depression

Fictional truth means that teenage depression sounds true but realistically not. This happens when disruptive behaviors are observable but deep inside it is another mood problem. Examples of these are those teenagers who use drug abuse as alibi for depression caused by family or by failing grades and low academic performance in school. The true scenario is that the use of drugs was a result of curiosity about the substance rather than depression. Or it can be that the use of drugs is the result of the strong influence of peers rather than depression.

Parents should pay attention to what their teenagers are telling them. It is a positive way of giving opportunities for teenagers to talk about their fears and curiosity. Find time to make quality bonding moments with teenagers, this will make them feel secured even outside the comfort zone of the home.

Teenage depression can be avoided with complete social and familial support. Parents should always open their ears, eyes, hearts and minds for what causes teenage depression for their sons.

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