Ways to not Be Depressed

Ways to not Be Depressed

In the recent past, anxiety and depression have topped in the list of main causes of illness and death among US citizen hence a need to study ways to not be depressed. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, depression leads to low social functioning, excess disability and low quality of life. However, one can change his or her lifestyles in order to keep depression at a bay.

Ways to not Be Depressed Sleep More:

According to Mayo clinic, inadequate sleep can leads to depression and depression can lead problems of sleep. People with depression have sleep problems such as insomnia or sleep too much (hypersomnia). The national sleep foundation advises that, you should sleep at least seven to nine hours at night in order to feel more positive and well relaxed. If you feel you can’t get sleep due to depression, use sleep aid to get a healthy pattern of sleeping.

Ways to not Be Depressed Keep Busy:

If you are more vulnerable to depression, having a lot of free time will worsen the problem because you will be focusing on negative thoughts. you may feel too weak which leads to a tendency to stay in bed for long or just sitting idle and staring at things around you. Wake up at good time and be physically active and ensure you get sunlight exposure as well, as fresh air even if you do not feel like. Find a useful way to use your time such as volunteering. This will enable you to share with people their problems which may change your view on yours.

Ways to not Be Depressed Avoiding Artificial Stimulants is one of the ways to not to be depressed.

Many people whenever they are stressed they go for artificial stimulants to get energy. However, these stimulants such as cup of coffee or others rich in sugar only boost your energy temporally. The KSU’s counseling Services reports that, the long term effects of these stimulants are depression. An hour later after taking coffee or sugary beverage the sugar level reduces and the moods drops too. Therefore, it is advisable to limit the amount of caffeine you take to be only a cup of coffee daily and keep off with sweets.

Ways to not be Depressed Have a Good Social Network: Having friends helps you to discuss challenges you are going through and also your achievements. One of ways to not be depressed is having friends of varied ages such as age mates and also older ones who can advise you with their wisdom. Discuss issues that are affecting you with loving and caring friends. In addition, sharing quiet and intimate times with friends helps to protect your moods.

Ways to not Be Depressed

Ways to not Be Depressed

Ways to not be Depressed Control Stress and Anxiety: You have to learn to control stress and anxiety. This may involve ending bad relationship or quitting from a stressful job. Also, you can start classes on management of stress and begin meditating. Manage anxiety by pursuing your best activities for leisure because unrested anxiety leads to depression.

Ways to not be Depressed Exercise regularly: Exercises are filters of the moods in the body for all the ages because they stimulate release of endorphins which act as pain reliever and mood booster

Ways to not be Depressed Eat a Healthy Diet: Taking a diet containing B vitamins and healthy fats available in oily fish, canola oil and nuts is one of the ways to not be depressed also, avoid too much consumption of alcohol because it depletes B vitamins in the body.