Unipolar Depression | Depression Things to Know

Unipolar Depression: Things You Ought to Know!

What is unipolar depression? Literature says that unipolar depression is just another term for major depressive disorder or MDD.

People suffering from this condition loss the motivation, eagerness, excitement and will to do the usual things or activities he or she loves to do.

Unipolar depression, is a crucial mood behavior problem that might affect the person’s total normal function if left untreated. However, proper diagnosis is required before appropriate treatment can be introduced for faster recovery.

Unipolar Depression: Unhealthy Symptoms!

MDD unhealthy symptoms are also the same indicators experienced by people suffering from unipolar depression. The following are the most alarming among the rest:

1. Depressed mood all day long in a few weeks or maybe months.

This is one of the most observable symptoms of unipolar depression. The onset of this depressed mood affects the person’s ability to interact and respond normally to activities that usually made the person happy.

At first glance you might say that this symptom is normal for woman having hormonal imbalances due to menstrual flow and other biological factors. In the long run, you can see the devastating effect it could bring to the person’s life.

2. Increased Weight gain or weight loss in shorter period of time.unipolar depression and God

The increase in the weight gain of the person suffering from unipolar depression is due to over-eating of foods especially those that are rich in sugars and carbohydrates.

Weight loss might be the result of the person’s poor appetite during the depression attack. Once depression sets into the person’s brain, it directly affects the normal body functions.

Remember that brain is the master organ of the body upon which all activities are centered. Once affected everything else is affected.

3. Repeated Suicidal Thoughts and Attempts.

A person experiencing extreme depressive mood might think of a suicide as an easy way out of his or her condition. This is one of the indicators that must be considered critical especially when observed frequently.

These three symptoms when observed constantly in a person must tell you that something is wrong. Thus medical attention or advice must be sought after to help the person.

Unipolar Depression: Suggested Treatment?

The most effective treatment is depending on the severity of the case as well as the length of time the person suffers from condition.

Generally it can be treated with antidepressant prescriptions, electroconvulsive therapy or ECT and psychotherapy.

If you think about a really way to solve this matters, I can tell you the best way is believe in Jesus Christ because our life is not complete without Him. Our spirit is crying because we need more from Him. The Bible says all things about how we can be free. Read your Bible and pray to God. Good things you will see.

However, in most cases the treatment to be effective makes use the combination of all the three treatment procedures in unipolar depression.

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