Teenage Girl’s Depression Symptoms

Teenage Girl’s Depression Symptoms

Teenage girls depression symptoms are more obvious than those of the boys. During the puberty stage, teenage girls experience a significant development in their bodies. These changes are due to hormonal transformation of a girl’s body into a mature female human.

The different stages that the body has to undergo are stressful to girls thus causing a depression. Other reason girls get depressed is because of the high expectations parents have for girls in the family.


Teenage Girls Depression SymptomsTeenage Girls Depression Symptoms

Here are some Teenage Girls Depression Symptoms to watch out if go through an emotional state.

1. Unexpected low academic achievements.

This is especially true for teenage girls who got crushes but are afraid to express their admiration for fear of rejection. Thinking of someone special to your heart distracts your focus on your studies thus causing grades to drop.

2. Withdrawal from social functions and gatherings.

Teenage girls usually withdraw from social functions and gatherings if they feel uninvited, embarrassed and not significant. These incidents if not properly explained to teenage girls might lead to depression that will result to total withdrawal from any social gatherings.

3. Fatigue, Headache, Mood Shift

Depressed teenage girls have a lot of alibis to include headache, fatigue and mood shifts that are unpredictable. These symptoms serve as their escape goat to reality.

4. Hopelessness, Worthlessness, Guilt Feelings

These are common symptoms of depression in teenage girls and the most destructive. These feelings might lead to loss of interest in anything they do because they find no significance in doing it.

Parents should be alert about these symptoms if prevalent among their teenagers.

5. Irregular or Absence of Monthly Menstrual Flow

This is the easiest to detect among all teenage girls depression symptoms. Whether caused by emotional, social, psychological disturbances menstrual cycle is always affected.

Early Detection of Teenage Girl’s Depression Symptoms

The early detection of the signs in teenage girl’s depression symptoms is important for immediate treatment. These symptoms if left unattended can have permanent impact on the girls’ personality as she grows to become a lady and finally a woman.

The effect of depression sometimes is not visible in the early stages of one’s life but can resurface when faced with anxiety and too much emotional pressure in the later years.

You’ll find lots of approaches on tips on how to cure teenage girl’s depression symptoms.

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