Peaceful every day

Peaceful On Purpose every day

Living peaceful every day has to be forced. Each day we have a lot of opportunities to get upset, or sad, depressed, etc. We have affliction and pain, maybe people get on your nerves or unexpected bills suddenly come. If we wait for all circumstances to calm down then peaceful can come to our life.Depression peaceful

God never promised that he would keep us from difficulties; he never said that we wouldn’t have storms, but he did say he would give us peace in the mist of the storms. He calls it a peace that passes understanding that means despite what’s going on around you, you still have peace.

You have to protect your peace, you weren’t created to live worried, uptight, on edge this is the reason many people have health issues, they can’t sleep at night, their food wont digest, they have ulcers it’s because their mind is never at rest, they’re constantly trying to figure everything out.

You need a break in peace

Your mind needs a break it wasn’t meant to go all the time.  You have to learn to turn it over to God you weren’t designed to carry that heavy load it will frustrate you. Here’s the key when you rest God goes to work, but when you work God rests.

When you trust God that is when God goes to work.  In the scriptures David faced all kinds of opposition, people came against him, enemies were trying to take his life, he could’ve lived worried, stressed out but he understood this principle.

He said “the lord is my shepherd; he leads me by the still waters”. It can be chaotic all around you, but on the inside there is a rest, you’re at peace. Worry is a thief it will rob you of your sleep at night, it will rob you of your joy, rob your creativity, you don’t make good decisions when you’re worried. If you allow it worry can keep you from your destiny.

What are you worried about? What’s keeping you awake at night? What’s stealing your joy? It’s time to come back to the still waters, when you get quiet when you’re in peace it will help you to have the right perspective.

Worries mmmm

When we worry we are making our problems our God. Do yourself a favor, take the worry off the throne, take the sickness of the throne, take the financial difficulty off the throne and put God back up on the throne. Use that same energy to thank God that he’s taking control. Let the worry be a reminder to switch over into praise.

You have to guard your mind this is where the main battle is taking place. Most of the time the first thought that come to our mind are negative.

Your life is going to follow your thoughts, if you live worried, anxious, uptight you’re inviting discouragement. You have to turn your worry into worship; thank God that he is fighting your battles.

Jesus put it this way: “Don’t worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will have enough worries of its own. God has given you grace for today, you don’t have grace for tomorrow”.

Don’t try to figure out the next five years, play out all the what ifs the what ifs will depress you. The truth is if a what if does come to pass God will give you the grace to handle it. The peace that passes understanding will be right there waiting for you.  God promised you he will arm you with strength for every battle.

We may not know what the future holds but we do know who holds the future. Don’t miss today worrying about tomorrow, today is a gift we can’t never get this day back. Many of the things you worry about are not going to happen, if they do it is not going to be as difficult as you think.

God knows you

We should plan we should use common sense but at some point we have to turn it over to God and say God you know what is best for me, you said you’ll give me grace for every season, just like you closed the Lilly of the fields, just like you feed the birds in the air I know you will take care of me.

It’s very free when you learn to turn things over to God. You’re not supposed to go through life weighted down by worry, stress, anxiety start lightning your load go back to the still waters empty all that out.

Hebrews talks about entering into the rest of God that means you’ve got to have a problem but you’re not losing sleep over it, you know God is taking control this is one of the main ways we show God we are trusting him by staying in peace.

Are you losing sleep over something you can’t do anything about? As long as you’re honoring God at being your best you can rest.

All change, be peaceful

If God isn’t changing things yet, what makes us think we can change them in our own strength? You have a destiny to fulfill, you need your energy, your wisdom, your creativity to become all God has created you to be.

At some point we all have to be like Peter, say “God I’ve honored you, I’ve prayed, I’ve believed, I’ve done my best, now God I’m going to rest.”

I wonder if you would see situations turn around if you simply come back to a place of peace, worry doesn’t make anything better, being frustrated doesn’t get God’s attention, begging God reminding him what’s wrong that only makes us depressed, take the problem off the throne and put God back up on the throne.

Even in prayer instead of praying in faith sometimes we complain about what we don’t like. Instead of reminding him of everything that’s wrong why don’t you try a different approach?  Do like peter go to sleep, enter into his rest.

Rest in Him.

The message to you today is very simple: go to sleep, enter into his rest. Quit worrying about everything, quit trying to figure it out turn it over to God.

Jesus said “I’m sending you out as sheep amongst wolves”; sheep are very calm, peaceful animals they don’t get upset, they’re always at ease. They rely on the shepherd to take care of them, the shepherd keeps them from danger, protects them from wild animals, they know that as long as they’re with the shepherd everything will be fine.

Don’t move your peaceful

Stay in peace the good shepherd is watching over you. God is guiding you, he’s protecting you. There’ll be some wolves in the pack, but don’t fall apart, don’t start complaining be like a sheep stay in peace.

The good shepherd will fight your battles, he will lead you into green pastures, and he’ll restore your soul. You may go through some valleys, difficult seasons, you don’t have to fear any evil, for the Lord your God the good shepherd is right there with you.

Let your mind take a break. Some people never let their mind rest and some people go on vacation for their body but their mind is still worrying. That doesn’t help us to move one inch forward.

Peaceful vs. worries

Some times you are worried, just like Ananias. You can’t see it yet but God has already changed it. He is already spoken to the right people. He is already lined up your healing and  he is already arranged that breakthrough it’s just a matter of time before you walk into. Stay in peace and just like Ananias you’ll walk in into what God has already done.

Don’t let worry rob you. You have to stop worrying, don’t let worry rob you of your joy, rob you of your peace put your foot down and say that’s it. I’m going to live from a place of peace.

God’s peaceful

Make Him bigger use that same energy to thank him that he’s working on your life. If you do this you’ll have peace that passes understanding. No matter what happens on the outside or the inside, rest and you’ll overcome obstacles. You’ll accomplish your dreams and become everything God created you to be in Jesus name.

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