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What Are Manic Depression Symptoms: A Closer Look!

Manic depression symptoms might affect the person’s life and future ranges from mild to severe signs.

Manic depression is a condition that has two sets of opposite and conflicting symptoms to include the manic (or “high”) set and the depressive (or “low) set.

Let us dissect each set for better understanding of the condition.

What Are Manic Depression Symptoms: High Aspect or Set!

The symptoms under what are manic depression symptoms are called episodes. This typically includes the following:

1. Excessive irritation

Manic depression

Manic depression, could be dangerous

Easily get agitated for no big reasons

2. Overly active, energized and restlessness

Very much energetic and does not want to stay in one place

3. Too much or highly good ecstatic mood.

So much happy and overjoyed most of the time.

4. Talking very fast due to overflowing thoughts.

The person is talking very fast because of the racing thoughts in his head that he wanted to convey. As a consequence the thoughts turn out to be non-sense and of no value.

5. Inferior reasoning and opinions.

Usually the person gives out poor judgment in any particular situation.

6. Offensive, invasive, or destructive behavior.

The person exhibits violent to dangerous behavior towards his family, friends and even fellow employees.

7. The need to sleep in few hours.

Wanting to sleep in little time or disturbed sleep patterns.

8. Amplified sexual urge.

This is indicated by the person’s increased sexual drive due to some chemical reactions in the brain.

9. Unnecessary spending of money.

Excessive spending spree in whatever things the person want and does not want as well.

10. The abusive use of cocaine, alcohol and sleeping pills, tablets or drugs.

The person tends to use drugs in abusive ways to escape the reality of life or simply the feel of wanting to be out from the real world.

These are just few among the most common aspects on what are manic depression symptoms observable of people suffering from manic depression.

What Are Manic Depression Symptoms: Low Aspect or Set!

The symptoms under the depressive aspect of the manic disorder are as follows:

1. Prolong sadness, emptiness, and anxiousness.

2. Loss of pleasure in enjoyable activities and even to coitus.

3. The feelings of helplessness, guilt, hopelessness, or worthlessness.

4. Reduced energy.

5. Struggling effort to concentrate, make judgment and decision as well as difficulty to remember things.

6. Observable weight gain or weight loss.

7. Attempting to commit suicide.

8. Continual body pain not from diseases or wounds.

9. Too much sleep or no sleep at all.

These are the most typical symptoms of the low aspect of what are manic depression symptoms in which are usually the symptoms for people suffering from emotional depression. Having these ideas of what are manic depression symptoms can be of great help in treating the person suffering from it.

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