How to Not be Depressed Using Spirit of Power

Do you know how to not be depressed using Spirit of Power?

You could know interesting thing about how to not be depressed. I had the opportunity to write an article for a major magazine in the area where I live and I love sharing with my readers in this space.

For those with serious problems of managing depression, this information will help. Here is a big Power, a higher power and magnificent.

I talk about the wonderful spirit that God has given us and we do not know it exists. That leaves us without the power and gift that is ready for use.

How to not be depressed if we generated sad thoughts?

Fear generates a feeling of insecurity to do or say something in our heart is latent to start, and that feeling could be a great enemy for the development of God’s purpose for us.

The power to make decisions is not something to think and believe that everything will be okay because it definitely does not work. From the heavy advertising of the famous law of attraction, many came to think that they and only they could make radical changes in their lives so that they could play the role of gods, as they say, depended only thought to make things happen. Until now, they cannot prove that it works and all they have done is deflect and divert others from the true path. All they have achieved in many good people is to lead to a more severe depression when checking did not work for them and they were worse than they were.

How to not be depressed if we forgot God?

Many have fallen into believing that kind of ideas opposed to God, by the strong need in the world to fill the gap so large that it can only be filled by the greatness of God.

Much of this is fueled by the fear of not being able to achieve the aspirations that might have come from wanting to reach the goals or purposes meet as children of God according to the paper we develop as individuals, as parents, as children, as employees, as ministry, etc…

Fear paralyzes, blocks, and is a weapon often used by the enemy to make us believe that we are not strong enough, powerful or able to achieve the goals we have set. This fear is becoming every day more and stronger in the soul of the people to convert is a problem of emotional depression.

Now, how can you feel strength and power forward, faced the fear without going against the will of God and how to not be depressed?

“For God hath not the spirit of Given us fear, But of power, and of love, and of a sound mind”.  (2nd. Timothy 1:7)

How to not be depressed if I know it… The spirit of fear born of ignorance or lack of knowledge of what we are.

How to Not be Depressed Using Spirit of Power today

How to Not be Depressed Using Spirit of Power

The power that God gives us is “I can”, not to dominate others. This power healthy, leads us to feel the certainty, security and strength as we need to take action. This power, coupled with the love that covers a multitude of faults, we are driven to love.

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Self-control is to take control of temperament that we have, either by genes or by decision. And this temper out of control can be the main obstacle to reach our goal, since the character is composed of the characteristics with which we define, for example, depressed or enthusiastic, fearful or courageous, angry or joyful, optimistic or pessimistic etc. In many cases the stopping action is based on unbalanced feelings and fears, that’s when we must understand that self is to bring those emotions to action and the development of proper activities.

Whenever you feel that fear paralyzes you, remember, now you have a spirit of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Watch your thoughts to realize what they are creating in you.

Reflection: How to not be depressed? Use the Spirit of Power.