How to not be depressed using abundance thoughts VS. depression negative thoughts

How to not be depressed using abundance thoughts VS. depression negative thoughts, your decision

The thoughts of abundance is not based on having more than enough, like love, peace, money, harmony, health, etc… It is not just to think, but the fundamental purpose of why you want it to be true for you. Making a habit to replace an unwanted thought, for a desired, creates the right actions. Remember that what you think is what you get as a result because these thoughts will lead to an action to get up and make things happen.

For example say continually repeat “all men are equal” or “they are all infidels,” believe it or not, you’re making your own to think and your experiences are expressed, i.e. have experience of infidelity. I invite you not to participate in such comments and changes to the right direction as “I love to think that my partner loves me, I value and respect at all times” is stronger than the opposite. 

Using good thoughts, is a strategy to looking for an answer constantly, you never leave to search answers every day because of it have a really big importance when you take decisions in your life. It isn’t just a question, “how to not be depressed” if you want to start a new life, you fight and never lose the faith.

Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person’s thoughts, behaviour, feelings and physical well-being. Abundance thoughts are more powerful than depression thoughts.

In the case of love when you’re waiting to hear a couple. Keep your thinking “I love to think that my ideal partner is already in my experience, is an extraordinary being with who  loves me as I am, I share moments of happiness and welfare “to feel the presence of that someone at your side. Do not put a name, it will only know this and you identify.

Talking about love, how to not be depressed when you don’t have a partner. It is a big problem in our society. It could be because the opposite feelings at love, I mean pride put the people in a position of defense. It is a cause to shut a lot of bad words, aggressions and broke of relationships, obviously consequences are: separate people in love and this bad feeling (pride) is like a big wall between them.

How to not be depressed if you try don’t using negative thoughts?

If you think you’ll also feel bad and say to each that you feel bad, it is obvious that the reason it will be true and that’s more you could repeat because you think you will experience conviction. I know many people who say they trust in God, but his statements seem opposed to God because they give more importance to repeat “I feel so bad” to repeat “I am healthy” and thank God for it.

Think about it: You want to feel good and have a great life, but how to not be depressed if your life is a chaos and you feel alone! If don’t have sense for you and nobody, then using the reason, Who gives you the life? Who puts order in your life? Who could cut the life? How can you meet the life’s author? How to not be sad? How to be happier? How to control yourself? How to not be depressed? Oh my God! He has the answers! Using the thoughts of God!!

abundance thoughts

Try to be great using abundance thoughts

If you feel distressed and show appearances but an uproar and confusion, have confidence, “Well I can express that all the time” “All is peace and harmony in me” “From all this I know that God is preparing something nice for me.”

When there is little doubt, it is because you are not afraid to delete his confirms everything you can do and there is nothing that is opposed to the good we are. Do you know God? How’s your spiritual life? You can control depression if your answers are positives to this questions.


Keep in mind that you can handle your businesses, good thoughts, do not depend on others, only God. And this applies to everyone because we are individuals = individual. The thoughts of abundance only work when you want well and right, it is all there is to be real because if God exists, there is the Good. Please check it out. Not only thoughts, thoughts of God!

Reflection: How to not be depressed? Think abundance thoughts.

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