How to Cure Major Depression – Warning Signs and Cures

How to Cure Major Depression – Warning Signs and Cures

Depression is a psychosomatic disease, combined with extreme negative emotion, means is that the mind is totally responsible for it and is cause for many of our illnesses. It is of two types, Temporary and Major depression. Temporary or reactive depression is caused due to family reasons like illness or death of a dear family member, medical reasons, arguments with spouse, politics in work environment, and so on. No medication is required on temporary and how to cure mayor depression as well.

It normally heals with passage of time. How to cure major depression is more complex and does not necessarily require an obvious cause. Even if there is an obvious cause the reaction to it is very extreme. This could last for months and years together if not treated quickly.

The causes could be some tragedy occurring in the family at a very young age, unstable family environment like fighting, alcoholism, and physical abuse. Person is witness to something horrific like rape, murder and is not able to tell it to anyone due to reasons known to him or her. It can also happen due to heredity. There are many ways on how to cure major depression, but first the main cause must be found out.

Warning Signs to know How to Cure Major Depression

Very obvious warning signs show up in Major depression. They show up in temporary depression too, but the intensity is much less. In the transition of  how to cure major depression the person loses his self-control. There are severe bouts of crying spells compounded with speech stammering slow thought process and extreme hallucinations.

People withdraw into a shell and suffer from hopelessness. Some go to the extent of having suicidal thoughts, become alcoholics, drug addicts. They lose sleep, have nightmares, lose weight and suffer from appetite loss. This finally leads to severe illness and sometimes can be fatal.

Professional treatment in How to Cure Major Depression

Psychotherapists and counselors help in overcoming and curing major depression. It is very essential to find the right professional, who has knowledge but is also trusted by the patient. The professional needs to be reassuring and very helpful. Time, talking, probing and keeping the patient engaged are the methods employed to find the cause and how to cure major depression.

They also prescribe anti depressant drugs in combination with psychotherapy for treatment. It is not a quick fix process and usually takes around 12 to 14 weeks to see positive results. Some therapists employ Regression therapy of the past life to treat major depression. In very extreme and rare cases of major depression a procedure called Electro convulsive therapy (ECT) is also used. Sometimes even hospitalization is required.

Natural or Alternative therapy on How to Cure Major Depression

Natural methods can be followed in parallel on how to cure major depression. Grandma medications like having powdered cardamom in warm water daily in the morning helps. Drinking nutmeg powder mixed with gooseberry juice and water every day is known to help considerably. Self-belief, meditation and inspirational books are also useful.

It is very powerful and our thinking process changes and adaptation to present circumstances improves. Break from the normal routine and engage in some youthful and enjoyable hobby. Yogasanas specifically Shavasana, Padmasana and Pranayama also help to reduce and how to cure major depression.

How to Cure Major Depression

How to Cure Major Depression


Employing acupressure at specific points on the body also helps in curing major depression.

The methods explained above teach us on how to cure major depression. Major depression can strike anybody at any point in his or her lives. There are hardly any people in this world, except small babies, who have never been depressed in life at some point or the other.

Reactions on how to cure mayor depression vary enormously from individual to individual. The most common and undesirable reaction to depression is continuing depression, often leading to self-harm and destruction. It is slowly but surely, wears away our nervous system resulting in illness. One can never escape from it, but can certainly control it so that the damage to the body is minimum Last but not the least – Live Life for the Present! Find the right help on how to cure major depression.