Depression and break fear changing thoughts

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Talk about depression could be hard and painful. The thoughts in our internal dialogue can help build courage to face feared situations in life.

I remember that by exposing a group working against my palms were sweating and trying to control me, even though they knew most of those present could not help being afraid.

One day before start a presentation, my throat dried up completely to the point that the voice was heard and felt only shame.

That’s when I started practicing techniques of trust, and that fear comes from ignorance of a certain situation, in this case was to speak before an audience 5 times higher than it used to and people were calling my performance.

I started to remember short thoughts that had impacted my sense of confidence and courage; they thought shorts were as simple as: I am brave, I am able, I’m saying, and so on. And less than I thought, I was like a fish in water.

The use of short thoughts outside pressure may be more intense or longer but are staying in the depth of feeling and thought a few words in the internal argument activates the safety, security and confidence.

Fear can have different shapes, sizes and textures. Can suddenly appear and block the ideas clear before we feel fear.

Sometimes we know where it comes from that fear and depression, are reasons other than between each individual. How not be depressed if you feel:

* Depression for Fear of not knowing

* Depression for Fear of ridicule

* Depression for Fear of rejection

* Depression for Fear of making mistakes

* Depression for Fear of the unknown

* Depression for Fear of change

* Depression for Fear of failure

* Depression for Fear of someone

* Depression for Fear of making the wrong decision

* And many more.

depression and how to break fear changing thoughts

You can break fear changing thoughts and be free from depression

Normally, these fears and depression factors appear, when we meet new people, situations or unfamiliar territory, that is, when we step outside our comfort zone.

This uncertainty or insecurity commonly causes all sorts of negative thoughts:

“I have enough experience”

“I’m not prepared and do not know enough”

“What will I do if they laugh, what people say about me?”

“I don’t have the skills”

“What will I do if I fail, can I take?”

Do you know how to not be depressed? Having good information. 

The problem behind the fears is the lack of information or too much doubt. In short it is insecurity.

When you are confident of what we speak or do, comes the fear that information gap and start filling it with pictures and negative thoughts.

We now know that lack of information is the cause of our fear, then we will work on ways to overcome this would be obtaining information or preparation we need to feel safer and minimize the risk of error.

By having more knowledge you can plan the steps so that we anticipate considering the possible setbacks to be more prepared.

Solutions to address the fear and avoid how to not be depressed (Depression)

We all feel fear of the unknown, but we have confidence in what we know or master.

When a situation makes you feel scared or afraid, be inspired to learn and know more about this topic until you understand best what it is.

To think or say “I have fear” leads we feel small or helpless. Practices avoid pronouncing the word fear and replace it with “Lack of knowledge”. Think about it, fear makes you feel small; by contrast, lack of knowledge encourages you to grow in learning the points still unknown.

Once you identify what is causing you that fear and confront it with knowledge, fear vanishes. There are many ways in which you can obtain information on any topic, take it, remember that the more knowledge you acquire will fight fear and finally disappear and take control of depression.

Reflection: How to not be depressed and break fear? The unknown is the only thing that frightens us.