Depressed and lost?

Today I feel depressed. It feels as if all things have been against me for a while. I want to know what is happening; I cannot find the way out of this depression, this sadness.

They say we all have problems and that it’s normal. They tell me it’s a part of life, but you know what? I do not want that kind of life. I do not want to feel like that.

Many people say that depression is only for fools and that only makes me feel worse because in addition to how I feel bad about this sadness, they tell me I’m stupid by feeling this way.

I want to know what is happening to me. I want to know if there is any hope. That you can help me feel happy, to want to live with all my heart despite what may happen around me.

These words have left millions of people suffering with depression.depressed girl

Quite often the causes are not evident because they’re only in our soul, in our feelings.

Reasoning with our feelings can be an endless battle. Wanting to feel peace, joy, patience, love, enthusiasm, hope, etc., it becomes impossible to obtain these feelings under the condition of depression.

A depressed man cannot think properly; a depressed person does not have the enthusiasm to find something that makes them feel good; a depressed man cannot fall in love with a beautiful woman because even her beauty cannot awake him.

What is the solution of a depressed person?

Understand that we are spirit, soul and body which makes us realize that there is a part of us that needs attention.

A depressed person cannot think clearly and that is why those who are around them should help.

Words of encouragement are not always enough; when the cause is physical, if it’s a disease or worse an addiction that causes depression, then you should have the effort to help that person.

Seeing or knowing depressed people can be a daily thing for many, however, we should be conscious that depression should not be allowed by any circumstances.

For those who love God above all things it’s easy to understand the meaning of true sacrifice, since Jesus Christ made the greatest sacrifice that all human beings should understand.

God helps us in a powerful way when we put our precious faith in Him, the Lord of heaven and earth.

For God a depressed person is a person who can be restored, blessed and above all be healed.

God has the power to break any depression problem by showing his love and mercy by opening the right doors and the right people to help anyone who asks.

God says that without faith it is impossible to please Him, then is it really that hard for us show a little faith to God who has all the power to improve the lives of those who seek him?

No need to have a religion to be restored by the power of God, you just need faith and obedience, two things that God values, that is exactly what will help you find the exit to depression or any kind of pain, your soul, your body or your spirit has.

Never doubt God’s power, because those that doubt his life and power have remained the same.

I encourage you to seek God, and my prayer goes to all of you who are reading these lines, may God Almighty bless your life and restore every part of who you are.


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