Character and Heart How to not be depressed with good thoughts

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Character and heart how to not be depressed

Good thoughts=Control depression

Character and heart (The thoughts may bea blessing or a terrible short trip that they become actions)
The importance of short thoughts greatly influences our behavior in the things we get daily.

How to not be depressed; character is derived from property, and as humans, our character is what defines us according to our behavior.

The character is reflected in the physical, first on the face are our characteristics (hence the word too).

It is for this reason that the feelings and thoughts (which cannot be seen) will be reflected on the face (where you can see). Feelings of anger, sadness, peace, falsehood, mercy, love, no mercy, understanding, hatred, envy, pride, etc. can be detected regularly by the expression of the face. How to not be depressed if the attitude is wrong!

But that is only appearance, as if we go a little deeper; we find that all feelings are at the heart, not literally, but even deeper emotional and spiritual way.

How to not be depressed and why our own character and heart feelings could help?

Our character is formed by what is generated in the heart since childhood and over the years has changed the situations and circumstances experienced.

How to not be depressed with Scriptures.

Proverbs 4:23 says clearly: “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life”. Necessarily leads us to pay more attention to things that are shaping our character. If we allow anyone or make us change the condition of good character we bring a completely wrong to say that we have not kept our hearts from wrong feelings.

How to not be depressed with good thoughts every day
Character and heart how to not be depressed


How to not be depressed biblically different emotional characters were leader’s people and God used to accomplish his purposes.

We can see the life and history of great men like Paul, Abraham, Moses, who had a different character but the willing heart. And we see the character of Jonah, even angry because God forgave the people of Nineveh.

Are you angry because God is merciful to others? Or do you sit in a tantrum because the soup was cold or get a haircut done differently than they wanted? How to not be depressed if you only think about yourself?

“Deny yourself” would give that character, denying the way of being with you forever live, to make way for the new man that God wants to make us.

How willing are we? Can we submit our temperament to Christ? How not to be depressed without Christ in our lives?

The power of God can give you the answer to how to not be depressed.

You say to God, “Well so am or so,” with that attitude could hardly be in compliance.

The only way to make a radical change in character is with the help of the Holy Spirit. It is he who convinces us (how we behave) just enough to recognize those habits of character opposed to the character of Christ and surrender to him to perfect his work in us. Our hearts will be guarded and protected, because now subject to obedience in Christ Jesus.

Reflection: How to not be depressed? Seeking God and give him your character and heart because he never let you down.