Control Depression

 Is easy control depression?

Nop, control depression is not easy but… Lines of Thought are phrases or sentences that are used to instill in our experience a state of harmony and clear conviction of the desire to experience it.

Do you know how to control depression? To think it is very difficult to remove negative thoughts or opposed to what you want, so instead, let’s fill of correct thoughts. Do not fight what you do not, just let yourself go for good and achieve your goals. It is not out but by supply.


control depression

How to control depression

How to control depression? It may be easy if the thoughts are full of short phrases full of constant well suited.

Something you should never forget is that as creation, never to set aside the majesty of God, since he is a jealous God, who does not live among a people who enjoy doing evil or wrong (sin), for His trial is large but his blessings on those who seek to do good is truly wonderful, because everything comes from Him, never adds sadly.

Effective Lines of Thought, which will help you not be depressed, should contain three major parts as well as the context to make sense. These are:

TO KNOW. – The certainty of what you are and make up. Knowing that, there is not an obstacle to oppose. Convincing the skills and all of what we are compounds such as intelligence, love, understanding, and so on.

TO FEEL. – The thrill you get when you think of words that match what you crave.

TO EXPRESSION OR DESIRE. – Words, or specific ideas of what to expect. They may be emotions, feelings, actions or physical expression. (Tangible or intangible).

A combination of the three, contain more force than if you just made with one part. However it seem easy because some think will not work, use them carefully and see what you can create.

How to control depression, thinking. Remember that sense dominates the thinking, so please take good care of you intent on feeling. Let no one rob you of the harmony that will begin to generate only shares this learning with those who are sure it will support you unconditionally. A depression problem, need to pay more attention to the things you’re thinking, because only you can control depression, because you’re an intelligent but others think otherwise.

How to control depression by applying lines of thought:

1. Read them consistently (3 times a day for at least 21 days)

2. Memorize it.

3. Include them in your internal dialogue (when you think talking to you).

4. Given the importance they have.

5. Maintaining a Good Attitude.

Apply daily will create security and certainty that you will experience your thoughts. Repetition makes the generation of a positive belief in feeling and this will shape the desire (Repetition is the mother fixation, old proverb).

How to control depression taking time. It is important to take time (persistence and persistence). Start reading the lines that best fit your desires and memorize with constant use. Not pressures, you remain in your memory alone.

You can print a few and stick them where you can read to repeat or take them wherever you go and if you have some free time take it again enthusiastically.

Remember that gratitude is the closure that you always use, do not forget to include it in some way.

You have the power to create thoughts, you just need them in order to make sense, write, memorize and make them part of your personality. Use this power and you will work wonders in your life. When you’re thinking:  “I’m so depressed, how to control depression”, immediately run to get your short thoughts and full of life, then depression will flee from you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many have created a sense of fear to use expressions that use the NO or denial. Can really deny much sense to the user and this is very personal. If for you is very powerful to deny, then use it without fear. Possibly in a statement it would oppose the denial but it depends on what you really expect. For example, saying: “This has nothing to do with me, thanks” The sense is protective when you see or hear or misfortunes do not want things to experience; Denial makes the emotional impact of losing momentum by claiming that it has nothing to see you, do not you engage, do not get involved, do not take it.

How to control depression is easy if you try.
Remember that you have free will to create the right thoughts in your mind; they will take the right action if they are in perfect accord with the good. If for some reason the cherished desire is opposed to what is right or what is good by nature, you will oppose and will be very difficult to accomplish something good for yourself or your environment. Whether you want more love, money, health, etc. is good and if wishes are to generate good, that is able to share and enjoy your surroundings. You can live completely free of depression, which wants to defeat the wonderful creation that you are. 

How to control depression dominating feelings. These lines of thought can adapt to the lifestyle you have, the important thing is that make sense to you. You will notice if they can work for you just for the thrill you feel when reading or repeating. The emotions or feelings that are created within you is the very force or energy that will produce results: If you feel enthusiastic and accept it as truth can be sure that you are doing well because you are generating positive energy and true, if instead the read I do not moves the emotions can make the changes necessary to consciously generate positive emotional force within you. How to control depression will be easy; you can take one or more phrases to have the best sense for your situation or condition.

Here the best phrases to learn how to control depression
Use your powerful imagination to apply each line. You have the power to imagine is real what you read, imagine how good you feel because you repeat what you say and is constantly creating your new reality. Feel this depression is thought to be controlled by your right.

Something better here.
You’ll notice that I repeatedly speaks of but should be clear that is not selfish or that I think are the center of the universe, the self goes far beyond what many may think that nothing else matters. We are all important, valuable and deserving of good total, but being able to share this good experience is necessary within each of us. You had mentioned but it is better to be clear, the good thoughts will bless many people and if your feelings are evil, you cannot get good with selfishness. Think well, you deserve to be free of depression.

I want to help through Depression Website and give you an answer to How to control depression.

My best thoughts for you,

Marcela Otero.

How to control depression using Spirit of Power